August 2011

Automated Coder Reviews ... a Roadmap

As I've mentioned in other posts, I've been working on 'enabling automated coder reviews for New Project applications' as one of my personal Drupal initiatives. As things progress, however, I continue to run into a domino-like series of pre-requisites which need to be solved before this feature can become a reality.

I'll be using this post to lay out a roadmap of tasks which need to be solved in order to reach the 'holy grail' of automated coder testing, and hopefully update the status of each item as they progress.

Revisiting Drupal's "New Project Application" Process (Part 1)

This is the second post in series regarding Drupal's New Project Application process. The other posts in this series can be found here: Part 2 Part 3

Over the course of the next few days, hundreds of Drupal enthusiasts will be hopping on planes and heading to London to attend DrupalCon 2011. Unfortunately, I will not ... which means I won't be there for webchick and hejrocker's 'Project Application Process Revisited' core conversation.

As mentioned in this blog's first post, my experience with Drupal's "Project Application Process" is the catalyst which spurred my increased involvement within the Drupal community. As a new Drupal contributor, I found the process painful and extremely de-motivating.

Despite the best efforts of a small group of volunteers, the application backlog has grown to the point where applications may sit for weeks before an initial review, and some may go months from initial ticket to resolution. In the interest of improving this experience for future contributors, I joined the Code Review group on g.d.o ... and as the group members can tell you, I have plenty of thoughts to share on the topic.

PIFR 2.6 deployed ... And so what?

Okay, I'll admit it ... PIFR isn't the sexiest, flashiest, or most widely used Drupal module in existence. In fact, if one were to try and identify the number of actual production sites using PIFR today, it'd be a tough job to use up all the fingers on one hand. Counting the number of people who can explain exactly how PIFR performs its magic would likely result in an even smaller total. However, these numbers paint a misleading picture ...

The road to jthorson.DoesDrupal ...

So a while back, after nearly two years of on-again, off-again development, I finally completed my first Drupal module (, and attempted to release it as an official module on Little did I know that, six months later, that one little act would have led to me creating ... and adding a Drupal-focused blog to the already long list of "things that I don't actually have time to do ... but for some reason, do anyway".