The road to jthorson.DoesDrupal ...

So a while back, after nearly two years of on-again, off-again development, I finally completed my first Drupal module (, and attempted to release it as an official module on Little did I know that, six months later, that one little act would have led to me creating ... and adding a Drupal-focused blog to the already long list of "things that I don't actually have time to do ... but for some reason, do anyway".

How does one go from 'posting code' to 'posting thoughts'? For me, the path was quite linear ... though I wouldn't exactly call it straight-forward.

I wanted to post a module on To do so, I needed to run it through Drupal's 'New Project Application' process. Once into the application process, I discovered that the waiting list was painfully long ... so, I started reviewing other applications to try and help clear the queue, thinking that may help my own application bubble to the top a little bit faster.

It didn't take long to conclude that the current project application process itself was painfully broken ... and it didn't matter how many applications I reviewed, noone else was going to take on the review of a 50k line/14 sub-module project. There were a lot of very frustrated people waiting in that queue, and a couple of big juicy wishlist items which would help things immensely ... such as enabling automated coder reviews for new project applications. Someone just had to tie together a few pieces of already existant functionality ... how hard could that possibly be?

Something you may learn about me ... once I decide to take on a challenge, I'm not one to let it go easily.

Something I didn't know at the time ... while the automated testing infrastructure was built with 'coder module' reviews in mind, they had never been fully implemented. And to make things more interesting, none of the coder testing code had been updated during the conversion of the Drupal testing infrastructure from CVS to Git.

Fast forward a few weeks, and more than a few sleepless nights ... and 'Phase One' is finally complete. The next release of test infrastructure code is ready to go, complete with 'advisory' coder reviews and a few other new features. The last step before the release is a communication plan regarding the changes ...

... and thus, after five years of self-serve support courtesy of various Drupal bloggers, I find myself joining their ranks.

Over the next little while, I'll be using this site to discuss the testing infrastructure changes ... and, since I paint a rather bleak picture of the Drupal 'new project application' process above, I think it's only fair that I also share some thoughts on how to improve it.

I hope you'll stop by to visit every now and then ... and with luck, perhaps find a little value in my ramblings.

After all - I've spent the last 5 years as a Drupal 'consumer' ... it's about time I start returning the favor!

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